"To provide an opportunity for hockey players of any ability to play in a tournament which emphasizes fun, friendship and respect."

SHI 2013 Tournament Schedule

Schedule of Events

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Thursday March 14

8:00 am to 5:00 pm - Round #1 Games - 5 rinks
5:30 pm (approximate) - Opening Ceremonies - The Aud
7:00 pm (approximate) - "Hockey Night In Kitchener" - Opening Night Party - Bingemans

Friday March 15

8:00 am - 9:00 pm - Rounds #2 & #3 Games - 5 rinks
7:00 pm - SHI Annual Meeting - KSA Teaching Theatre at The Aud
9:00 pm - Coaches Game - teams representing Canada, England and USA

Saturday March 16

8:00 am to 5:00 pm - Round #4 Games - 5 rinks
8:00 am to 5:00 pm - Medal Presentations following each game and photo opportunity for parents
6:00 pm (approximate) - "MVP - Most Valuable Party" - Closing Party - Bingemans

SHI 2013 Tournament
Honorary Team Captains assigned to Associations'/Communities' Teams

ANN ARBOR Rockets - Egon Beiler - athlete Team Canada wrestling, 1972 & 1976 Olympics
BALTIMORE Saints - Brad Schlegel - player Team Canada hockey, 1992 & 1994 Olympics
BARRIE P.U.C.K.S. Colts - Jeff Snyder - coach Team Canada sledge hockey 2003 to present
BRAMPTON 45s - Ted Scharf - player/Captain Kitchener Rangers, retired WHA player, 1970s
BUCKS COUNTY Admirals - Tony Atkins - player 1987-88 Kitchener Rangers

BUFFALO Sabres Thunder - Wayne Gowing - player 1966-67 Kitchener Rangers; coach Wilfrid Laurier University
CAMBRIDGE Ice Hounds - John Beechey - player 1963-66 Kitchener Rangers; scored 1st Rangers goal
CAPITAL CITY Condors - Bob Blanchet - goaltender 1971-74 Kitchener Rangers
COLORADO Ice Wizards - Jeff Larmer - player 1979-82 Kitchener Rangers; retired NHL player Colorado/NJ
DETROIT MORC Stars - Lisa Bauer-Leahy - athlete Team Canada field hockey, 1984 Olympics

DONALDSON'S DIAMONDS - Scott Dickie - goaltender 1999- 2003 Kitchener Rangers; Memorial Cup Champion 2003
DURHAM DRAGONS - Vaughan MacDonald - player 2000s Team Canada amputee hockey, gold medalist
GATEWAY Locomotives - Rob Whistle - player 1979-81 Kitchener Rangers; retired NHL player New York, St. Louis, Washington
GRANDRAVINE Tornadoes - Todd Warriner - player 1992-94 Kitchener Rangers; retired NHL player Toronto Maple Leafs
GREY/BRUCE Falcons - Ken Murray - retired NHL player, Toronto, Buffalo, New York Islanders, Detroit, Kansas City

GUELPH Giants - Ray Scapinello - retired NHL linesman, 2500 games
INNISFIL Snowdogs - Laura Nicholls - swimmer, Team Canada, 1996 & 2000 Olympics
KAWARTHA Komets - Pat Doherty - past president 1982-83 Ontario Hockey Association; 2010 Olympic torch bearer
KITCHENER Ice Pirates - Kevin Petendra - player 1982-83 Kitchener Rangers
MICHIGAN FAR Flyers - Rob Maric - player 1994-97 Kitchener Rangers

MISSISSAUGA Crusaders - Scott Walker - retired NHL player Vancouver, Nashville, Carolina, Washington; coach Guelph Storm
NEWMARKET Nighthawks - Craig Crawford - catcher Team Canada softball; ISF medalist 2000, 2004 & 2009
NORTH BAY North Stars - Jarrett Rose - player 1995-96 Kitchener Rangers
NORTH YORK HADC Gladiators - Jim McCrea - player 1967-68 Kitchener Rangers
NOVA Cool Cats - Mark Vines - retired NHL linesman, 1984-95

ORANGEVILLE Wolves - Jamie Israel - player, 1989-90 Kitchener Rangers
OTTAWA VALLEY Ambassadors - Brad Sparkes - player 1985-86 Kitchener Rangers; director Sales/Marketing Kitchener Rangers
SPICE Jets of London - Mandy Bujold - 7 time Canadian Boxing champion; Pan-Am medalist
ST. CATHARINES CYO Heat - Dan Yantzi - pitcher, member International Softball Congress Hall of Fame
STEEL CITY Icebergs - Al McDonough - retired NHL player, 35 goal scorer 1972-73 Pittsburgh Penguins

THE BLADES - Greg Bignell - assistant coach 1990s Kitchener Rangers
WEREWOLVES of London - Fitz "The Whip" Vanderpool - five-time boxing champion; member Waterloo Region Hall of Fame

SHI 2013 Tournament Rosters for Coaches Games

Friday Mar. 15 - 9:00 pm - The Aud


2Mark AaronDonaldson's Diamonds
3Jeff BeerBarrie P.U.C.K.S. Colts
4Adam McInroyKawartha Komets
4Terry PorterNewmarket Nighthawks
5Steve LyleBarrie P.U.C.K.S. Colts
6Ryan Foley (GOALIE)Durham Dragons
7Dean PipherDonaldson's Diamonds
8Matthew CiccotelliGrandravine Tornadoes
9Rob PhillipsDurham Dragons
12Adam WhiteKawartha Komets
15Marco CongiustiNorth York Gladiators
16Mike YoungNewmarket Nighthawks
20CraftKawartha Komets
22Branden BauerNorth Bay North Stars
27Dennis AndersonKawartha Komets
43Rick EarhartInnisfil SnowDogs
52Dave TuckKawartha Komets
54Brad BatemanKawartha Komets
66Christien WhaleyNorth York Gladiators
85Stephen KempNorth Bay North Stars
87Ed HunterInnisfil SnowDogs


4Ken ElsieThe Blades
5Amber CarrGrey/Bruce Falcons
5Eric BoissoneaultThe Blades
8Ron HarronGrey/Bruce Falcons
9Sherri JonesKitchener Ice Pirates
10Joel ReevesKitchener Ice Pirates
11Colin BialikCambridge Ice Hounds
13Kevin TimminsCambridge Ice Hounds
14Tim BloomfieldCambridge Ice Hounds
18Cam LinwoodCambridge Ice Hounds
19Kevin StoneOrangeville Wolves
21Brett SteeleKitchener Ice Pirates
27Don CampbellCambridge Ice Hounds
29Josh Campbell (GOALIE)Cambridge Ice Hounds
29Rob Clear (GOALIE)Guelph Giants
44Joey FrankKitchener Ice Pirates
59Glen DeverellGuelph Giants
84Quinn HoriKitchener Ice Pirates
90Rick McDonaldKitchener Ice Pirates
OOBrandon EakertKitchener Ice Pirates


5Ed Walls (GOALIE)Steel City Icebergs
7Stuart EgrinMichigan FAR Flyers
8Todd KelpinMichigan FAR Flyers
9Mark NousSteel City Icebergs
14Kevin MarsonDetroit MORC Stars
15Kevin GrecoBucks County Admirals
18Denny Koch DetroitMORC Stars
29Nicola BicknellSPICE Jets of London
37Brian DamianiBucks County Admirals
42Danny MiltonSPICE Jets of London
45Steve WilliamsSPICE Jets of London
64Mary StrineColorado Ice Wizards
71Ward PetersonMichigan FAR Flyers
93Brandy WensonDetroit MORC Stars
93Christopher WilliamsWerewolves of London

SHI 2013 Tournament Participating Team News

October 3, 2012

Good morning Special Hockey Teams:

The Management Team of the Special Hockey International 2013 Host Committee met Monday afternoon and I am pleased to share the following information with you.

DATES - Based on feedback and input from teams, our Host Committee is pleased to confirm that the tournament dates are now firm and all games will be played on Thursday-Friday-Saturday March 14-15-16 at the five rinks in the two facilities - Kitchener Memorial Auditorium (3 rinks) and Activa Sports Complex (2 rinks). We anticipate that some teams will be arriving on Wednesday.

TEAM REGISTRATION FORM - will be forwarded to you and be available on the website in the very near future with a requested Team Registration date of Thursday November 1st or earlier, including payment of team registration entry fee.

TEAM PHOTOS AND LOGOS - will be requested (in digital form) to be forwarded by December 1st.

TEAM ROSTERS - and payment for the players/personnel registration fees will be requested at a later date to facilitate teams finalizing their rosters.

HUDSON TRAVEL GROUP SPORTS SERVICES (HTG) will be facilitating the official registration of teams, accommodations and rosters, including payments. More details forthcoming in very near future.

MAJOR JUNIOR HOCKEY - Our hometown Kitchener Rangers will be "on the road" for the last week of the regular schedule which gives our tournament full access to The Aud, the main ice rink, for the entire three days of the tournament. Good news indeed! The Rangers will be playing against their "closest geographical" rival", the Guelph Storm (about 25 km/15 miles Kitchener) on Wednesday night March 13 and the Guelph Giants Special Hockey Team has made arrangements for a limited number of tickets to be available for any of our SHI 2013 tournament teams who will be arriving on Wednesday and would like to attend. More details in future correspondence.

"Opening Ceremony" is scheduled for late Thursday afternoon in The Aud. "Meet and Greet" is scheduled for Thursday evening. "Closing Ceremony/Party" is scheduled for late afternoon/evening on Saturday.

Travel Day - Sunday March 17 has been provided as travel day for teams travelling a distance.

The Host Committee is pleased to welcome HTG Sports Services as our exclusive travel partner. The success of our tournament relies on the combination of dedicated volunteers and established partnerships with our sponsors. Those teams requiring hotel accommodations are asked to book only through HTG Sports.

HTG Sports has secured blocks at all participating host hotels so be sure to contact HTG Sports to book your team's accommodation requirements. Thanks for your support. HTG Hotel Information

Contact Jennifer Kealey at 1-800-668-5596 X300 or e-mail jennifer@htgsports.com

Our Host Committee plans to be active in Social Media - please share the following links with players, coaches, family and friends.



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